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Welcome to Janssens Custom Guitars, your best choice in made-to-measure solutions for musical instruments.
Janssens Custom Guitars started mid 2020-pandemic when founder and engineer Tom Janssens found himself playing his Jammy G but finding it lacking in comfort and aesthetics. After a bit of R&D he managed to build himself a custom guitar design that mounted to the Jammy frame. The design was inspired by a Strandberg Boden, a favorite design of Tom.
Prototype Zero for Jammy G
After a while Tom started working with professional luthiers to ensure the desings you get are 100% up to the standard of any other guitar out there. Since 2021 Janssens Custom Guitars has been working with many builders among whom Bond Guitars form Ukraine has been the main one. Visit their Instagram page for a complete view of their product.
Bond Guitars founder and luthier Bohdan Bondarenko
By now Janssens Custom Guitars offers not only the Jammy guitar bodies but also full-on electric guitars and basses of the same designs and build quality you are used to. Please enjoy our offers and contact us if you'd like a custom design.
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