Prototype Zero.

2020 was bad right?
Well yes, but there's a silver lining.
Like many people, the pandemic put me on hold for a few months. So with all that free time I decided to improve my instrument arsenal. I've always been a huge guitar nerd. The sound, the look, the feel. 3 out of 5 senses, so pretty great!
I've had a Jammy G for about a year up to that point and always minded the ergonomics of it. To small, too light, didn't fit on the guitar rack. Plenty of room to improve upon. In very little time I was able to contact the people at Jammy for some reference material. Thanks to their information I could acurately make a guitar body that fitted the hardware of the Jammy without being too loose or tight.
The original prototype consisted of a layered body and headstock made from laser cuts. 3D printed connectors and a pickguard for spare plastic laying around. It looked okay and make the Jammy weigh more like a guitar.
I'm glad I did it even without making a company out of it.

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