What We Do

The core business of Janssens Custom Guitars is building guitar bodies for Jammy G and Jammy E. All provided designs are also available as full-on guitars and basses.
Starting from a base design we split up the body into an upper and a lower half. Both sides of the body then are connected to the frame of the Jammy G or E by 3D printed connectors on the back of the body.
We feature many, many unique guitar designs. From originals to signatures to traditional designs for the vintage players out there. Any design you like you can find in our store.
Can't find what you are looking for? Talk to us!
After all, our name has the word "custom" in there. So any shape you can't find but want, any paint finish? You want that guitar body connected to an instrument that's not a Jammy? We got you, hit us up and we'll talk!
See you soon!

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